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Electric underfloor heating – Your best choice

Auther:AnBang electric      From:      Date:20/02/2017
Electric underfloor heating – Your best choice


Popular with house buyers and tenants

Electric underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular for people looking to sell or let their properties. House buyers and tenants are attracted by the luxury factor, energy efficiency and low running costs. Although the initial installation requires a small investment, the cost will soon be recouped in lower energy bills and increased comfort.

House buyers and tenants are becoming more aware of environmentally friendly measures and energy saving technologies, but they also want a home which is warm and comfortable that they can show off to their friends and family.

A sustainable heating solution

Many new housing developments include underfloor heating as standard; some use condensing boilers to power a warm water underfloor heating system, while others use heat pumps. Grants can be obtained in some areas for new boilers, solar PV panels and air source heat pumps, which can reduce the cost of installation. The rise in popularity of solar PV panels and competitive electricity tariffs make electric underfloor heating a viable investment too, and it can be used as a whole house heating solution when specified and installed correctly.

Increased sales and rental value

Some developers prefer to install electric underfloor heating in bathrooms, kitchens and wet rooms to add luxury and comfort to their property, and make it stand out from the crowd. A bathroom or kitchen with electric underfloor heating can help to increase the rental and sale value of a property compared with properties that don’t have it.

Added comfort

Overall, an underfloor heating system will add value and appeal to your home while providing comfortable rooms and the luxury of warm floors.